Welcome to Eleven Hit Combo, an independent software company that specialises in producing bespoke solutions using a heady brew of Microsoft technologies and open standards.   I’m Paul Taylor, the sole employee of Eleven Hit Combo.  I’ve been developing software professionally for 12 years now, although truth be told, my programming career actually began when I ran into issues with a Commodore 16 in 1984.

I’m not interested in bamboozling potential customers with the illusion of scale.  I’m interested in the craft, and doing great work within it.  Thanks to a long career with some respected web design agencies, I’ve been lucky enough to work on a number of brilliant, high-profile projects aimed at a global audience.  I am presently working on a number of bespoke projects in the aviation industry.

The sales pipeline is pretty active until 2013, but I’m always interested in hearing about potential work.  Even if I am unable to help you myself, there’s a good chance I know someone that can.